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Returns and exchanges

When you want to return or exchange an item, please contact us via our contact form. Then we will send you a return label.

Before you return the item, we want to draw your attention to a few points from our terms of purchase.

  • In order for a return to be approved for repurchase the product must be in substantially unchanged condition. This means that the garments may be tried on and taken out of any bags, but that labels must remain and that no abnormal wear may be present. This includes stains, perfume or other odors, holes and other signs of extensive use. A non-approved return will be charged a depreciation fee.
  • You as a customer are responsible for the product reaching us in a substantially unchanged condition. Therefore choose the shipping method with care and pack the product well.
  • In case of canceled purchases, the customer is responsible for the original shipping.
  • Attach the completed return document to your shipment.

Here's how to easily return an item:

  • Pack the item and a copy on your delivery note in a cardboard or bag that is durable. Carefully seal the package with good tape.
  • Attach the shipping label on the outside of the sealed package. Submit the package. Normally it takes a week for a return to reach us.

After the product has arrived to us and been approved for repurchase, an email will be sent to you where this will be notified. A refund is made via Klarna. If you have not yet paid your invoice, the invoice amount will be corrected and a new invoice will be sent to you. A refund will take a maximum of 14 days after we notify you that the return has been approved. Contact us if you have not received your money back after such a long time.